A strange statistic occurs to me. The one post and search that consistently seems to find this blog is “What is dollification?”. It would appear that that concept is the central one to those hapless souls finding my blog. I have to say I find that a bit sad, but I am pleased if my words shed a little light on the subject for them.
Over my more than 3 years now in SL I have only spent a few weeks as a Doll, it seems disproportionate that it is that form that creates the greatest interest. More than half of my SL has been spent as a more-or-less human avatar, nearly a year as a demon (a form that I enjoyed, combining as it did many of the aspects of human behaviour), a sort of hybrid furry rubber Neko kitty (confused? so was I), a latex encased doll and a more conventional pixie.
All these forms have had two elements in common, namely RLV and me! Throughout much of this time I have existed at the fringes of what Linden Lab considers permissible, mostly restricted to “adult” sims, and some of the more broad-minded Mature/Moderate ones.
But now it seems that even a large skein of bare flesh (no, not nipples or my fanny) sends some moderators into a frenzy of righteousness. Yet at the same time these individuals/organisations barely bat and eyelid at gross profanity or gore.
I know this merely reflects the mixed and inconsistent morals of society at large, but to me it is barely understandable hypocrisy.
If a sim was being run on Islamic fundamental principles there would be an outcry of horror from many in SL, and yet these same individuals feel comfortable imposing (or trying to) even more draconian restrictions on avatars visiting their open, public sims.
Myself, I don’t even understand the male chauvinistic attitudes that pertain on Gorean sims, but that is up to the individuals, I guess.

What I am saying is that there appears to be a streak of intolerance growing in SL, perhaps it is merely a reflection of society at large, but it is damnable for that at the least. SL was supposed to be a place where we could come and play out our innermost fantasies, and realise some quite impracticable (in Real life) dreams.
I know the vulnerable in society must be protected from harm, psychologically and physically, but we surely can do that alongside operating a “Live and Let Live” philosophy, can’t we?
Now, please remember, this is just my opinion and rumination, not a political platform, but it IS that….MY OPINION!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 25, 2011.

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