Performing to a Script…?

The current tabboo in SL is script-count. How many scripts your avatar wears is significant in its impact upon the performance of the creaky sim-servers Linden Lab insist on using. Notwithstanding that the bulk of servers are at least one generation if not two out-of-date (ie those used to host homestead sims), the scripting of many items is just plain inefficient.
Some folk simply go on script count to act as a measure of how “heavy” an avatar is on sim resources. This misses a vital metric of the script’s impact, namely how it was compiled and how it interacts with the sim processor.
Just recently I TP’d into an adult, RLV oriented sim and was immediately informed that my script-load (admittedly high) was impacting on sim performance and to remove or delete(!) some of my scripts. This is both hypocritical and ingenuous (I won’t call it stupid, though some might).
The moderators of such sims need to examine their knowledge of script-simulator interaction, and above all else Linden Lab need to bring their simulator servers into the 21st century.
We need more efficient scripting languages AND better memory on simulators before this whole mess lags to a standstill.
Resize/recolour scripts in hair and shoes still far outlag BDSM restraint scripts, but few folk realise this. It is far more likely that the vanilla avatar with fancy boots and wild hair is the one hogging 90% of the script time, not the inconspicuous BDSM devotee. It is just that BDSM devotees make an easier target.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 2, 2011.

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