Scripts, the sequel

Fiery Indigo, of the SL sim Lost Eden* and no mean creator herself, sent shivers down my spine today (and not pleasant ones, unfortunately) when, during a post to distribute script scanning tools to all Lost members, she appraised us all that Linden Lab will be implementing both sim and personal script limits later this year.
Now it must be said that this has been a-coming over the hill since early 2010, if Babbage Linden’s posts are to be believed. What incenses me is the suggestion that over a set, most likely arbitrary, limit one would have to pay extra for more scripts.

The avatar script-limit will almost certainly be set below the number of scripts I currently have locked onto my avatar, so I will be immediately impacted by this move. What is also galling in the extreme is that only (as far as I can ascertain) Openspace and Homestead sims will be limited. So those wealthy types who can afford a whole region (I cannot – so you can level a charge of sour grapes at me if you wish) can pollute their servers with inefficient scripts, whereas I (living on a homestead) cannot. Already some sim owners enforce script-limits on avatars teleporting into their sims…I know, I have experienced it.

Now there is an important issue here. Not all scripts are created equal, and there are some types, which run continuously, that hog a massive percentage of simulator script memory. It seems to me browsing the Wiki that Linden Lab are going to ignore this important metric, and that script count will be the unit. This is stupid.

Creators need to take heed of this change when, not if, it comes, and make their products modable so that once resizing is done, those scripts can be easily deleted. Better still make the item modable and include a notecard on “How to Edit”. That is how it was done in my early days in SL and it’s really not THAT hard.

The most disturbing aspect of this is Linden Lab’s continued refusal, in recent years, to upgrade their servers, and increase their memory capacity. All they have done as memory available has increased is cram more and more land onto each server. It is true that if you can afford the nigh on £200 a month tier on a full region you will get a reasonably modern server for your sim, but there is no improvement for the rest of us, and we see more and more lag as decripit servers try to cope with LL’s appaling software.

Now I very much doubt that this post will be read by many, or will have the slightest effect on Linden Lab, but having just spent a lot of Real Money on a new computer to handle the necessary upgrade to a viewer 2 type (aka Firestorm), I simply cannot afford to move our home onto a full region server, or pay even more for my current script allocation.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 8, 2011.

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