Scripts, scripts….

Last week saw another attempt to get Kelly Linden’s Mono2 upgrade out to the Main server. It saw another failure. The code that had blighted some Homesteads on LeTigre last week was foisted on a largely unsuspecting SL populace in Tuesday’s Main Grid Rolling Restart.
Ten minutes after our sim was rolled it was clear something was badly wrong. Time Dilation, aka Lag was markedly worse, hovering between a dreadful 0.5 and a poor 0.75, whereas before that same sim had been a Happy Bunny running at about 0.95. Spare time was almost nil and script times were more than double their previous value.
I posted on the Release Blog and found several other folk with similar issues. It was mostly Homesteads that were misbehaving, but some Full-Region sims were playing up as well. There was no comment or acknowledgement from Linden Lab.

An acknowledgement was finally forthcoming almost 24 hours after the problem showed up and was reported. In the meantime a steady stream of disgruntled sim owners and lessees had added their voice to JIRA SVC-7064. In the intervening time not a whisper was heard from Linden Lab, who had taken their usual course of clamming up and saying nothing until they had some idea as to what had happened.

Eventually a new Server version was rolled on Thursday, and the issue appears (I say appears, there are still sporadic reports of sims with low TD figures)to be repaired and we have had a post from Oskar telling us what we had already noticed 24 hours previously.

The usual suspects posted soothing comments telling us not to be so hasty in our displeasure (who are these folk, Ents??)
Also I was reminded that while I might not consider SL to be a game others hold a very different view.
That having been said I repeat my request that we aren’t made to wait in ignorance and suspicion until all the various committees of Linden Lab have ruminated on an issue before being told that they’ve noticed.

Now I am not advocating knee-jerk responses to such clearly unforeseen circumstances, but surely a short post in the release blog telling us that LL had actually noticed our comments is not too much to ask for? There are many short-tempered and conspiracy-theory prone folk out in SL and such failure to communicate merely adds fuel to their overheated imaginations.

As I have said before: “Could Do Better….Must Do Better”.

Addendum 5th July:

It seems that for many the problem is NOT solved, reports of poor script and sim performance have been added to the release blog. This week, because of the 4th July celebration, no new code is being rolled anywhere in SL. At least, that is the line taken by Oskar Linden in the Release Blog. Frankly, I’m sceptical, since it is a bit too convenient.

If we were told a bit more about just what Kelly Linden’s Mono2 performance upgrade was supposed to actually do I might be less sceptical, but I’m not script-savvy so maybe I didn’t look hard enough to find the information (though I did try to search the technology blog). Also I got told off by Oskar for complainin too loudly about the lack of an acknowledgement of the failure – well at least I appear to have tweaked someone’s tail at long last!

No one expects LL to get it right every time, but LL have a dreadful habit of running silent when things don’t work out. It also seems they get a bit precious if we then complain. Well, I wouldn’t be the first to be banned from the blogs, and I doubt if I’ll be the last. For a group not doing anything that might upset its customers, LL is mighty tetchy, I think.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 1, 2011.

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