Scripts, Scripts…..The sequel 2 (or what really is going on at LL)

Now I’m not one for inflammatory statements. No, really….I’m not..Honest! It is now clear that the debacle on the Main server this past week was not quite what Oskar Linden told us at first. It WAS an error, but not what most of us thought. Now we see, in Oskar’s latest post what is actually being done, and it was, as I suspected all along, part of Linden Lab’s plan to limit script use and thus free up sim resources to install Mesh.

Now, if LL had been honest up front about this there would still have been a lot of shouting, but at least we wouldn’t have been accusing them of gross incompetence. It is becoming clearer by the day that while Mesh might be good for builders in SL, it does require a lot of Sim horsepower. The equivalent build using prims would not look as good, fair point, but it would also use a hell of a lot less Sim time. Everyone knows that sculpties are both difficult to make and cause some client-side lag while your graphics sort out the shape.

The server-side cost is relatively low. With Mesh this is changed. Mesh hits server time hard, or so I am told. What it does to client-side lag in V2 I have no idea (nor in V1 actually).

So LL’s solution? Cause some scripts to become effectively dysfunctional. This is causing a fair bit of grief to existing content creators, who are finding newly made items will no longer function after this roll. Mesh is still a fair way off, if the RC channel crash rates and the mess on the Beta Grid is amything to go by.

But, in the meanwhile, as is LL’s way, the rest of us suffer as they grope towards a solution. You might think I am way off beam in this, but a private note sent to me on the Forum by a Linden telling me to back off is all the evidence I need to tell me that I am too close for (their) comfort. What is ironic is that I hardly know anything about scripts, but I DO know a lot about people! I do wish that LL was a little more open in its attitude and didn’t assume that all its clients were morons.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 8, 2011.

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