Oh Dear, What a Mesh

I’m sure most regular visitors to the Virtual World of Secondlife will be aware of the much-trumpeted advent of Mesh as a building tool in the World. To that end for several weeks now Linden Lab, SL’s creator and owner, have been trying to introduce, with so far very little success, the necessary software coding to allow Mesh to exist on SL.
The last few weeks have seen more rollbacks than a squad of learner-drivers on their first hill-starts. Last night we were treated to a full rollback of two of the three Release Candidate channels, and the one on LeTigre was, I think, the third time a “mesh-prep” server version had been tried. Once again it failed massively and was abandoned after less than 12 hours. There was content-loss and wholesale corruption of sculpted prims, and this is a really dreadful state for LL to be in on a third attempt. Also the proposed “Homestead TD fix” which RC Magnum carried from Wednesday had to be abandoned as sim after sim began merrily crashing. On our sim it manifested as brilliant (0.97 or better) TD, but with enormous spikes, and virtually no spare time (script-reading related?)when it was as though one was disconnected from the server, culminating last night (UK time) in three crashes within 15 minutes. We are now back on Main Server, and while TD is not quite so good, but far better than it had been prior to the fix (see earlier posts here).
A call to Support had a very prompt and efficient response, to the extent that the support operative actually observed our sim as it had a fourth heart-attack. I have been critical of Support in the past, but the service last night was exemplary.

What this seems to suggest to me is that LL are nowhere near getting the software right to allow Mesh to come to SL, and these latest debacles are not helping LL’s image or SL’s cause in the slightest. I suggest (not that anyone in LL will even see this) that LL abandon the introduction of Mesh and its supporting software until they have a better understanding of its interractions with the simulators, and give the residents and content creators in SL a breathing space to repair the damage recently done.

New things are good, providing they do not destroy that which is already there.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 15, 2011.

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