Lost….and Now Gone

I discovered today that one of the sims I have most returned to during my 3 plus years in SL, The Lost Gardens of Apollo, has closed and is gone from SL. Somehow, the demise of Dane Zander’s sim epitomises the slow decay which seems to be bedevilling both our virtual world of Secondlife, and the so-called civilised Western world.

That Apollo, with its exquisite builds and layout, should pass into memory seems somehow wrong, and it saddens me. The advent (possibly) of Mesh and its building potential would only have enhanced such a place. It wasn’t unchanging, but the changes that did occur over the years were minor and served only to enhance its natural (yes I KNOW it was virtual) appeal.

It was PG (or General) and so it was a place where the more intimate and adult-oriented things were left behind..a haven of calm in a sea of tumult. I can honestly say that a morning spent with my SL partner and Dominant listening to the soothing sounds of Singh Kaur will stay in my memory until I die in RL.

Coupled with the disgusting behaviour in the UK of a small minority of anarchists, aided by our ludicrous policing policy makes me fearful for the future of mankind. We are supposedly intelligent animals, yet we repeatedly fail to learn lessons in how to co-exist in anything resembling harmony.

But I recall at the beginning of my SL the demise of another picturesque sim – Acropolis Gardens – there will be others, but I feel the need to mourn the passing of Apollo, and I am sure that I will not be alone in that.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 13, 2011.

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