So what was all the Fuss about?

Mesh is on the Grid. Yippee…. But, what IS all the fuss about? To my viewpoint Mesh is no better than sculpted prims, and requires that you:
1) Complete a Lindem Lab form and take a competence test
2) Have downloaded special tools onto your PC so that you can generate the basic Mesh
3) Use a special viewer that can EDIT AND render Mesh (Edit September 20th: of course….stupid me…you cannot yet properly edit Mesh once it is inworld!)

And the end result is something that is as rigid as a prim and no more use as clothing than a barrel.
Gee, thanks Linden Lab, this is really technical progress. And you (Linden Lab) spent months screwwing up the grid for this?? I have to say that while it is more than likely that Mesh will eventually turn out to be less of a Pig’s Ear than it is at present, the pain that was required for this gain was utterly disproportionate for the vast majority of SL users, and resulted in a lot of totally unnecessary content destruction.
Perhaps now it is on the Grid you (Linden Lab) will turn your attention to fixing some of the more broken features you have been neglecting recently, like Asset server response times you can measure with an egg-timer, and HTTP get textures that take longer now than UDP did before?

Rod Humble, get your priorities sorted! You want to retain people in SL? Make it work! Sure folk poke their noses in to see new “shinies”, but if the thing is slow or broken, they will not stay. Why should they?

PS: I am told that no-one will take me seriously until I get pally with a Linden. Seems that SL and RL aren’t that different after all!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 5, 2011.

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