A Rocky Road Ahead?

I thought about this post (don’t panic, I’ll be better soon!). There are some disturbing trends visible in SL. Firstly it cannot have escaped the attention of anyone who logs onto SL at a similar time each day that online numbers have fallen again, by over 5% in the past couple of months – and this at a time of year that numbers historically rise as summer closes and nights draw in. I logged on early in the UK day (10am) yesterday to see fewer than 32000 online, when I used to see 40000 a couple of years ago – that must I guess indicate a slow down in the use of SL by Eastern Europe and Asia, and also West-Coast America is going to bed earlier!
Perhaps the advent of Mesh, and its introduction to the grid – handled by LL with their characteristic dexterity – has deterred a lot of folk..I don’t know.
Also, it is finally dawning on the Western World that their governments do not actually run their countries, that the controllers of the World’s capital, the Oligarchs and Transglobal Companies together with the “Financial Institutions” are actually our Lords and Masters. So more and more ordinary people are cowering in their homes, tigtening their belts until their guts rumble….Bzzt crackle….polemic detected…medication applied…Yes…now…where was I?

The world is in a mess, SL is in a Mesh, and unless Linden Lab is very careful, SL will become a playground purely for the artistic elite, who can afford the hard- and soft-ware to participate. I have grave doubts that that would be an economic proposition.

Edit:Wednesday 21st:
Following the roll to the main server yesterday it looks as though some aspects of SL physics have been borked. LL’s programmers are really doing themselves proud here, this is a vital part of the SL function for a lot of folk, so messing this up is really stupid. Go see SL JIRAS SVC-7305 and SVC-7308 for further enlightenment. It has to be said that both Oskar and Maestro Linden are doing their best on this issue..Thanks Guys!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 20, 2011.

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