Perhaps some of them DO care….

Following the movements of Linden Lab during the SVC-7283/SVC-7305 crisis, it was becoming clear that, despite LL’s apparent inaction, several of the Lindens best known to SecondLife residents were very actively seeking solutions. Then in an almost unheard-of posting Andrew Linden (who has forgotten more about programming than I will ever know) suggested that the “due process” at Linden Lab was proving to be a big road-block in the provision of solutions for these issues. He appeared to be actively soliciting SL users to lobby Linden Lab in other media to try to speed up adoption of the fixes. He also admitted that SVC-7305 was most likely caused by his attempts to close off a piracy route.
Never before, in my experience of SL, had one of the Lindens been so open in his approach to users. The upshot of the tidal wave of SL creators and residents haranguing Linden Lab to fix their bugs is that one aspect of the family of SVC-7283 bugs is fixed, while another is nearing a fix. The SVC-7305 Prim Physics bug-fix is rolling to RC channels today, and if all goes well will be on the main server next week at the latest.

That there is a high degree of focussed self-interest operating here is undoubted, but it does appear that Linden Lab are noticing the greater populace of SL, creators in particular and that has to be a good thing.

Following the disgraceful treatment of AnnMarie Otoole, I can but hope that SL governance will also revise its internal procedures. The one thing above all else that is now needed is that Linden Lab internal communication be radically improved (or is it instigated), since these last few events have proven it to be utterly inadequate.

If Rod Humble acts to follow up these moves with some coherent management fixes, SL might just be able to claw its way back up the ratings list down which it has been recently tobogganing.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 28, 2011.

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