No stamping or whistling while the operator is changing the reels….

Secondlife is undergoing an Operating System upgrade. It has been going on for a week’s a lot of work. By and large, communication via the Grid Status page has been good, letting us know when periods of unscheduled restarts will be happening and warning us that some sims might take a while to restart. That is what has happened, even to some fairly prominent retail outlets in SL.
Now if something untoward occurs a resident, if they are Premium, can initiate Live Chat…providing, that is, that it is between 8am and 8pm Pacific. Now those times are just no use at all for people outside of the Western USA, and it is long overdue for Linden Lab to give us 24 hour interfacing. Concierge level (which I assume means if you own a full region or similar) status is only available to a few, relative even to Premium (correct me if that assumption is wrong, please).

Today, when I logged on I saw:
“Login failed. Inventory system closed” – Pardon? I looked at the Grid Status page….nothing. Live chat was still offline, it being 6am PST, so I raised a ticket – it seemed the thing to do.
About 25 minutes later I logged on again, this time with success…checked the Grid Status page, to find that another round of OS upgrading was ocurring. So why no notice about the inventory system? Apparently it had been notified inworld, but not to us poor saps trying to log on.

Just now I checked the status page and the reference to work starting this SL morning has vanished totally. Why? This is the main, if not only, official communication channel for Grid issues, so what is going on? I’m not bitching about being unable to log on…it happens. What enrages me is that Linden Lab still cannot be relied on to communicate sensibly with its users. For Heaven’s Sake, Linden Lab, GET A GRIP!!

Edit 6:55pm BST:
Status page comments about the Upgrade round is back..must’ve been being updated, very belatedly. However still no mention of the Inventory issue.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 10, 2011.

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