Disharmony at Linden Lab?

Recent events in SL have caused me to think that Linden Lab, not renowned for its “joined up” thinking, is suffering from even more internal dissent than ever. In recent times we have seen several prominent Linden staff, probably most notably Andrew Linden, expressing disquiet at internal procedures in the Labs testing pipeline.

The rather chaotic handling of the OS upgrade (though communication of its stages did improve with time) and the apparent reappearance of some script-related bugs, suggest that internal communication at Linden Lab is minimal and confused at best. The welcome, but somewhat surprising announcement recently that the LL viewer user interface was to be given a virtually (sorry) complete overhaul was met by amazement in TPV development circles, since many (not least Phoenix) have gone to great lengths to make their V2-based offerings more user-friendly and are as a consequence seeing many hours of hard unpaid work trashed at a stroke. The incorporation of RLV into an “official” viewer would be scarcely more surprising.

That Linden Lab Principals need to sit down and start some genuine coherent planning such as is practiced by other unpaid SL groups is now glaringly evident, before SL descends into a form of confused anarchy. There are many hard-working and dedicated people at Linden Lab, but I sense an increasing degree of frustration in these folk, and the cause (for once) of their frustration is not the unfocussed and conflicting attitude of residents of Second Life, but the confused and unfocussed attitude of their employers. This must be addressed in the short term if Linden Lab and SL is to have a long-term future.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 22, 2011.

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