Second Life at a crossroads……again?

Almost as soon as I posted my comments about dubious integrity at Linden Lab, I received a copy of the final letter from Ina Centaur about the ending of the virtual Shakespeare project and Globe Theatre in SecondLife.
I have to say that even if I only believed one tenth of what Ina wrote, I’d still be sickened by its implications for the arts in SecondLife.
I have begun to wonder at the ethos behind Linden Lab and its parent Linden Research in recent months, following the departure of Qarl (Karl Steifvater) Linden and his subsequent resurgence as a potential saviour of Mesh in SL.

Those who have not read Ina’s letter may not understand my distress, but I do not intend to post it here – I fear its consequences might be more than I can handle. Go search.
Suffice to say that Qarl was not the only Linden to be summarily dismissed by Linden Lab, and it is becoming clear that Linden Lab not only threw the baby out with the bathwater, they threw out the bath and all its fittings as well.
I’ve wondered about the integrity of some of SecondLife’s masters…I no longer wonder, I am simply disgusted. It is almost enough to get me to leave SL and never look back. Almost but not quite enough.
However, any lingering hope that SL might pull itself together and actually thrive as something other than a seedy animated sex show is now quashed.
I am utterly baffled by the actions of some supposedly intelligent human beings. That Linden Lab lacks any integrity at all comes as a surprise and a shock to me. I had thought better of the company. I was naiive, it seems.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 23, 2011.

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