OS Upgrades – They’re finished….Official!

A posting this morning in the Server Blog by Oskar Linden finally confirmed what I had been hoping for the last 24 hours – the long series of sim restarts and upgrades have finished, and SL’s Operating System is upgraded.

Thanks to some increasingly heated exchanges in the blog threads, I think Oskar decided to step in and defuse the potentially inflammatory escalation of posts which have been arising and give a clear, concise answer to at least some of the questions being asked. It is clear that Oskar is one of the more able communicators in Linden Lab, and his comments on the “why” of these upgrades certainly clarified the position to me, relative to this terrible TIMEWARP bug that has been plaguing SL for some time now. On our home sim of Woods of Heaven we have encountred TIMEWARP twice, though at the time we did not know what was turning seemingly benign servers into totally unresponsive hell-holes.

So now we await the next series of changes in SL. I can only hope that such as Oskar is permitted to defuse any further potential rows before blog-posters’ tempers become as frayed as they have seemed to be of late.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 25, 2011.

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