What is Going On?

Now, I’ve been known to shout about supposed issues that have afflicted me in SL before, such that one respected blogger seems to think that I only focus on the negative.
In this case I plead guilty as charged.

Recently, as far as I know since the OS Upgrade, we have seen UK evenings with spikes of low TD (as low as 0.01 on one occasion) and sim pings as high as 24 seconds. Restarts have merely postponed these occurences by say 24 hours, and they do seem to coincide with higher levels of concurrency in SL. From comments in the Server Forum I know we are not alone in this.

We experienced the horrible TIMEWARP bug a couple of weeks ago when our sim effectively died three times in rapid succession. Our thanks go out to Support and In-world Tech services, who sorted us out very quickly…BUT…the issue is still with us and shows no sign of getting better yet.

Recently I found that my prized sailing boat, expertly crafted by a well-known SL boat builder (I will not mention a name, it would be terribly unfair to do that), had unaccountably turned into a racing craft, hurtling around our sim at ridiculous speeds for a sailing craft. The odd behaviour was reproducible at the Boatyard as well, so it wasn’t just our sim….
In the end the maker gave up trying to find out the solution and kindly refunded the cost of the boat. To be honest I still feel utterly cheated…not by the maker, but by Secondlife.

Script performance lately has been somewhere around fair to poor in general, with occasional spikes of awful. I have spent well over 3 years in SL, two of which have involved very careful attention to script-induced lag both for myself and others. Recent changes have taken this issue into another league.

If, as rumoured, Linden Lab is to introduce Script-limits for avatars I will be upset. If LL introduces lower script tolerance (limits by another name) for Homestead sims I will be outraged.
Just at the time when SL residents are feeling the pinch of the recession hitting their purses and wallets, for Linden Lab to introduce such a policy would be insane and devisive in the extreme.
I wonder, however, if rather than go on record to do this, Linden Lab have chosen to do this surrepticiously, covertly, in order to obfuscate the true meaning of these strange afflictions from which many are suffering?

I feel that I am doing SL something of an injustice by mentioning its shortcomings when there are so many good things about it, but in this case it really is ruining the quiet enjoyment of my SL home….and I strongly resent that!

PS: As of 3pm on Sunday PST I also found that region crossings are borked unless you teleport. Walking across a sim boundary bounced me out of a sailing sim and crashed my partner. Not amused. This is something that vehicle users have been going on about for a couple of several weeks now, users and creators of boats must be tearing their hair out.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 6, 2011.

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