I’ve been here before

I cannot speak, IM generally, I can barely see and I cannot see my location or a map of any sort. I am a Doll again. I’ve tried to give a reasoned account of this state before but how do you give a rational account of such an apparently irrational state? While this status resembles the Bane condition in “Eudeamon”, there are elements of bondage as well, and my external appareance is that of a chastised black latex Doll, not a Bane (OK semantics you might say, but I consider there to be a subtle difference!) To achieve this state involves use of RLV and sufficient scripts to dim the lights in some sims, so I do not TP around the Adult Grid much!

All I can say is that it makes me work harder to communicate anything, and so long as this state pleases my partner and Dominant, it will persist. This is not done for personal gratification…I am in almost permanent mouselook and I do not have access to my inventory. This consensual withdrawal of contact within SL, this isolation, is a state I have examined several times in my Second Life. I find it exciting, but not in an autoerotic way. Any contact that is successful is intense in a way I cannot really convey. It focusses my SL on my Dominant, who indulges me in this way because it also pleases her to do this.
This merely serves to emphasise that for a D/s relationship to thrive, there must be both a high level of trust between the partners and a very close matching of the personalities involved.

On an entirely separate matter it seems that Linden Lab has crept out of its self-imposed purdah of the last 5 days and admitted that there is a serious and so far inexplicable problem with Grid-wide traffic calculations. There was a large head of steam building in the SL community about this, and I for one am glad that LL allowed commonsense to prevail (now as to fixing that, the horrible sim-crossing issues, the log-in problem and several others…we must wait). It is nearly Thanksgiving in the USA (a big date in the US calendar) and then Christmas will be upon us, so getting a lot done before January is a little unreasonable.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 21, 2011.

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