Left hand?…meet Right hand, you may not have met before

This post is critical of Linden Lab, and some of its most outspoken critics. Not its employees, at least not those I know. I recently read that compared to Google and PayPal, Linden Lab are wonderful communicators. I have to say that is like saying that compared to drowning and suffocating, bleeding to death is a really good way to die.

The Lab do not, as an organisation, know how to talk to their customers…plain and simple. PayPal is hopeless, Google is just arrogant. I have abandoned two accounts on websites due to PayPal’s utter ineptness and despite repeated attempts to contact the organisation, I have been quite unable to get a simple matter resolved. I will say no more.

People rant and rave at LL due the perceived isolation in which the Lab’s senior planners operate. I am told that it is unreasonable to expect planners to consult with customers about the direction of a company. Now we see an apparent policy change at Linden Lab that will further hamper constructive information exchange between those of us who can only spare a little time to attend meetings in SL and the Linden Lab employees that work most closely with the SL populace.

The arrogant and pompous posturing of some SL users who DO have the time to attend OH and such user-groups as LL deign to attend is becoming intolerable, as is the idiotically rude, pointless and unfounded nonesense spouted by the most vocal “critics” of SL and LL.

There seem to be fewer “reasonable” folk left to discuss germane matters in a civil fashion, and the attention paid to them by Linden Lab appears also to be waning. I simply do not know why Linden Lab are so at odds with the SL populace. The SL populace…user-base…call it what-you-will are all that stands between Linden Lab and oblivion. We WILL NOT be ignored. The more we are ignored, the louder some folks will shout, and the less sense they will make.
Come on folks….we all want to live our Second Lives, don’t we? So…Linden Lab, please start to use joined up thinking, it is really not that hard. Residents…if you cannot be specific and constructive – SHUT UP!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 21, 2011.

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