Why bother with a TPV?

I heard (or rather read) a comment by a person who “couldn’t be bothered wasting time on customising” a viewer to suit their SL. They wanted one that did what they wanted “straight out of the box”. This sort of person presumably buys “One size fits all” clothes in RL, since they cannot be bothered to find out their own size… It’s a bit like buying a car and expecting the seat to be “just right” as soon as you get in. It doesn’t happen…it cannot, unless you are rich enough to buy bespoke items.

I have used, and set-up, Third Party Viewers in SL for the last 3 1/2 years, simply because they do what I want them to do, how I want them to do things. It’s not “rocket science”…I’m pretty incompetent at computer things on the whole, but I appreciate the effort someone has gone to to allow me to set the thing up as I want it. The Official Viewer did things pretty well, but the way LL wanted it to do things, (mostly). TPVs were just…better!

What sets one group apart now is dedication. Today, I had emails from members of Phoenix/Firestorm Support, asking for information relating to an issue I had found with the viewer. Today…December 26th…Boxing Day (in the Christian calendar)…now that is what you get when committed keen folk are running a show. Linden Lab simply cannot compete with such enthusiasm, mainly because it is a commercial company and its staff are salaried.

Competence is at least as common outside LL as it is inside, so in short, TPVs are, not to be faint-hearted, simply better. Now it may take you a few moments to get a TPV to be exactly like you want it, but there will be enthusiasts ready (and sometimes over-willing) to assist you, if you ask.
Now I have used many, though not all, TPVs over the years, and I am not going to say “X” is better or the best etc..but there is a wealth of expertise out there and one or two groups seem to know how best to make use of this skill and enthusiasm. Put a little time and effort in and your SL will be vastly improved. Honestly!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 26, 2011.

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