It seems that the bug blighting many Secondlives has been eradicated from the Grid and Praise be for that. However, it does seem to have laid bare the poor customer communication record of Linden Lab (note…Linden Lab not individual Lindens). I am also a little wary of sounding an “all-clear” since I saw and exorcised a ghosted avatar last night myself. I hope Wippy Resident can now log in.

Time and again I see customers asking why it is that information takes so long to reach us, and the same comments suggesting that we read a given individual’s blog, since they could be bothered (read Had the Time) to attend the various User Group meetings that are held. The point is made that it seems to be individuals who disseminate information, not Linden Lab. I suspect there is a good reason for that, and that is those individuals that do disseminate information are not employees of Linden Lab and therefore The Lab has no liability for the accuracy or otherwise of the information thus imparted.

Most of us know that the individuals that DO meet us at the interface are motivated hard-working people. It is the culture of Linden Lab, started and mentored by Philip Rosedale/Linden that is at fault for the poor communication.

I see a comment in the Server Forum that improved communication was started by Philip and has atrophied since Rod/vik Humble/Linden took the post of CEO. Really? If that is so it goes against all that Rodvik claimed to be trying to do in his early posts on The Blog. Frankly the culture/ethos of Linden Lab is probably its biggest hobbler. That culture/ethos is not the issue of the current CEO, it is the issue of the originator of Secondlife, a man whose disinterest in the users of Secondlife is no secret.

Until that attitude changes (and I don’t imagine that I will live long enough to see it) we will continue to be treated like mushrooms.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 2, 2012.

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