This is an issue about which I know little from personal experience but have read about a very great deal. JIRA WEB-4260 details delays in Marketplace deliveries that have been consistently occurring in the early SL hours for some weeks now. An anonymous “Commerce Team Linden” has twice promised resolution of this issue and yet none has been forthcoming. A glitch in SL caused the Marketplace to work a couple of days ago, leading many to ask “What failed to run that fixed our issue?” Sadly the failure was corrected and the Marketplace delays in the wee small SL hours (morning for Europe) returned.
A related issue where, trolley contents (ie more than one item purchased at a time have) a high percentage of either non-deliveries or very slow deliveries, (see JIRA WEB-4457) is also plaguing Marketplace vendors.
Many folk have posted that they will no longer buy from marketplace, but will only buy from inworld stores.
Now the way I see it, Linden Lab may well be only too pleased about this since it will increase inworld numbers and improve the SL economy. It is grossly unfair on those content creators who do not have inworld stores. Perhaps LL hope that such creators will rent a small parcel in order to have an inworld presence. What is also hugely unfair, and to my mind utterly criminal is that on occasions where deliveries do not reach the customer, Linden Lab is not refunding the money to the customer, who then, not unreasonably to them, approaches the vendor for either a repeat delivery or a refund. This would imply that Linden Lab, who already charge a commission on each sale plus charging vendors for advertising on Marketplace, are pocketing the lost purchase price.
This latter chicanery is beginning to cause a movement to build within SL who see Linden Lab as not merely indifferent, but incompetent and criminal.
When I look back on the number of special interest groups that Linden Lab have either alienated or exploited over the years I am left wondering just what game the senior planners at Linden Lab are playing.
To my mind it is an extremely dangerous and damagimg game with respect to the potential of SL. If it were a Real World situation Linden Lab would be accused of operating a scam, but of course Secondlife is theirs and they can, if one reads the ToS, do as they damn well please. To most this is another way that the Lab is displaying its disdain of its customers. But then, to others, it is just another example of the Lab’s consumate skill at shooting itself in the foot.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 5, 2012.

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