Marketplace…a sequel

Following on from my comments on the parlous state of the SL Marketplace, a comment on WEB-4457 by Darrius Gothly caused a few memory bells to ring. Way back, at the time of the introduction to the grid of Havok 4 physics a rendering bug was introduced. Initially nothing was said by Linden Lab despite many posts and comments on a JIRA (sound familiar?).

Ultimately a prominent Linden (I think it was Zen, but don’t quote me) opined that it wasn’t worth fixing because a change in the viewer code that was soon to be released would solve the issues, and those running older graphics would simply have to upgrade “because supporting obsolete technology was a losing situation”.

Now the current Marketplace situation isn’t quite like that, but there is a new technology “fix” planned (Direct Delivery), and it is dependent on changes viewer side as well. So, it may well be that the deafening silence on the two principal JIRAs WEB-4260 and WEB-4457 is due to the same policy…”don’t waste time fixing something we are about to render obsolete”. It would be nice if they would just play straight with us and admit that, but I’m not naiive enough to expect such a revelation.

Edit: I have found by reading the various entries on the JIRA, that the issue is somewhat more complex than I thought. It seems that sometimes LL do refund customers for delayed/failed deliveries, but then deliveries are either completed automatically or by the vendor following contact with the buyer. In the majority of cases it seems that the vendor never receives the value of the transaction from LL. It seems that the only time a vendor receives the value of the transaction is if the buyer directly pays the vendor!
This still sounds like Linden lab knowingly witholding funds for valid transactions, and in the real world that is theft. There are fancy legal terms for it, but theft it is. Also Mickey Vandeverre’s JIRA WEB-4441 is worth a look.

2nd Edit: No sooner had the above been posted but comments appeared on WEB-4260 that strongly suggested that Linden Lab had found the resource issue that was almost stopping Marketplace and seemed (I say this advisedly) to have returned Marketplace to its full functionality in the SLT small hours. A comment on WEB-4457 also suggested that although the shopping cart was no better at getting all items to a buyer, at least refunds were being given for failed purchases. I must say that I am greatly relieved to hear this, since the foregoing situation put Linden Lab in a very dodgy situation legally. Let us hope that these fixes stay fixed and that Marketplace vendors can continue to trade with confidence.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 6, 2012.

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