Marketplace…the story continues (are they off their Trolley?)

While the resource issue that was crippling Marketplace appears to have been cleared up by Linden Lab (characteristically without ANY explanation to us), the problem with the Marketplace shopping trolley (cart in the USA) which spawned WEB-4457 and other JIRAs still plagues us.
While customers are apparently now being refunded for failed transactions (mostly) it seems that vendors do not always receive a refund from LL if an object is sent but never delivered. This leads me to hold to my initial reaction to LL’s behaviour, insofar as ignorance of (or disinterest in) a felony committed by a system or creation with which one is clearly associated, does not make one immune to conviction. This error is Linden Lab’s responsibility and it is up to them to act honestly both to the buyer and the seller.
Ignorance is no defense and never has been.

Edit: I wish I didn’t open my big mouth. It looks like the resource bug that hit Marketplace early in the SLT day is back…again. The timing of this issue’s return could hardly have been more damaging for SL business. Not only are Linden Lab’s technicians determined to show us how well they juggle multiple parameters at once with a Main Server Roll and hardware maintenance running simyltaneously, but a flurry of activity on WEB-4260 indicates that the Marketplace is failing on one of the busiest commercial days in the calendar.
I am scarce able to believe the ineptness of Linden Lab, but one more pellet appears to have hit Rosedale’s goose. Linden Lab is still laying eggs, but they aren’t Golden…they are rotten.

Edit 2: (This is getting to be a habit). At long (very long) last the Marketplace issue has made it to the Grid Status Page. Probably due to the number of customers either calling support or raising tickets about non-delivery of St. Valentine’s Day gifts. Deliveries taking longer than usual? As Lance Corrimal puts it in the JIRA, they are making a joke….aren’t they? Well, Lance, no they aren’t; LL does not have a sense of humour, and being American they don’t “do” irony.

Edit 3: “[Resolved 8:44am PST, 14 February 2012] Second Life marketplace deliveries have caught up and any further orders should be delivered in the standard amount of time.” Now, I wonder what will happen at 1am PST (SLT) tomorrow? And what, I wonder, is the “standard amount of time”? Now you see, I DO do irony.

Edit 4: “[POSTED 9:15AM PST, 14 February 2012] We are aware that the Second Life Marketplace is currently offline and we are working to resolve the issue. Please watch this blog for further updates.” Oh dear oh dear oh dear, perhaps they DO do irony after all. Perhaps they are mending it…with a hammer.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 14, 2012.

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