The Gentle Art of Spreading the Word

It seems that the Marketplace failure yesterday was the result of a datacentre outage. This information was apparently Tweeted by Rodvik Linden, and repeated on Natales Urriah’s informative and well-connected blog.
When I typed that just now I accidentally typed “datacentre outrage” – perhaps a Freudian slip. It seems that we must rely on these snippets of information to keep us fully informed of Linden Lab’s latest problems, and unless we do, in some folks’ opinion we have no right to criticize.

I’m sorry, that simply will not do.

The Lab need to send someone on an informatics course and then on a public relations course and THEN actually employ them to use that knowledge.
So the datacentre is back up…does that mean a return to full 24 hour reliable operation of Marketplace, or a return to the partially functioning borked set up that has been Marketplace in recent weeks?

I repeat what I said before: Secondlife is awesome, Linden Lab is rubbish. There comes a point when the philosophy of keeping your programmers happy by letting them introduce clever new “shinies” that break older ones is no longer viable. We have passed that point…actually we passed it some time ago.

Edit 16th Feb:

It seems that communication channels other that the Grid Status Page are used by Rod Humble for their immediacy and accessibility, perhaps I need to Tweet. Nonetheless there is a bit of a furore still about how much information we are entitled to (please don’t misunderstand entitled).
It may be that now that the hardware at the datacentre is fixed, Marketplace will work properly 24 hours a day; I truly hope so and I hope that its reputation has not been too badly damaged as to destroy its usefulness.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 15, 2012.

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