More of the same

Following hard on the heels of the server failure that took out Marketplace on Tuesday, another hardware (server cluster) failure locked out a goodly number of SL accounts (mine included) on Thursday, for a couple of hours in some cases. Now recently we haven’t seen too many of these, but then two happen in 48 hours…bad Karma for Linden Lab.

Fairly typically it took a while for a post to appear on the Grid Status Page, but by their standards the post was up quickly. Also fairly typically there was a lot of pretty unfocussed and intemperate venting on the server blog. Now shortly thereafter Rodvik Linden (aka Rod Humble, LL’s CEO) took the (in my experience) unprecedented step of posting an apology. That, if nothing else, showed how seriously LL were taking the situation. The sad thing is that it might have been too late to prevent LL’s reputation from slipping even further down the scale of competence.

If Rosedale is seriously thinking of selling Secondlife off to another company that will not have helped one bit. The recent failures underline a serious issue that Linden Lab needs to address with some urgency; the investment in new hardware that is required to make the platform more stable. If that investment does not come, and come soon, the greater demands placed on SL’s hardware by the latest software will prove too much for SL’s hardware and failures may well become commonplace. If and when those failures occur SL will fail and die quite quickly.

The short-termism that has bugged not just Linden Lab for the past decade must be put aside and serious longer term investment plans must be made, if SL is to grow and prosper. It is true of all industry, not just Linden Lab, and the Lab is NOT immune. Of course, it may be that Linden Lab’s longer-term plan does not involve Secondlife, but my comment above points at what I feel would be needed to make SL “saleable”. It may be that Linden Lab will move away from Secondlife and just leave it to die…if we continue to insult them as we have been doing, I cannot help but think that that becomes all the more likely to happen.
For the sake of those of us that love and cherish our SL, I hope that Linden Lab will take the sensible decision for the future, and that is to ensure that Secondlife HAS a future.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 18, 2012.

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