The Dog, the Dog…..he’s at it again

Just when I was beginning to feel that Linden Lab were getting a grip on their creation come two separate issues that demonstrate just how utterly disconnected Linden Lab is from its userbase.

1) The new inventory tab ” New Items” to be introduced (I gather) very soon has been greeted with almost universal disapproval by Secondlife merchants and residents alike
and “Commerce Team Linden” has responded to the rebuttal with typical LL aplomb: “Hello everyone, We really appreciate the feedback (12 pages in one day) you are sending in, and are reviewing this thread closely. We understand that the feedback you provide to us during this Beta phase is critical in the decisions we make moving forward with this product.
It will take us some time to review all the feedback, however we will address these concerns. Keep an eye out for that coming next week.
Please keep the constructive feedback coming!
The Commerce Team”
meaning: “We’ll be implementing this whether you like it or not, we just need to think up an excuse for ignoring your opinions”.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, come:

2) Changes to the TPV policy…essentially saying that anything not on a released Linden Lab viewer that is considered to change the “shared experience” will be banned. This affects tag identification and colour in Firestorm and Phoenix and could well produce some murky areas in RLV implementation (despite reassurances from Simon Linden). The tag changes will take effect from the next rolling Server update, so I just hope that they don’t break more than just that.

Linden Lab don’t merely qualify for the “William Whitelaw Foot Shooting Award”, they have run off with it. This company’s death wish is quite unbelieveable.

Addendum: I really don’t like to think this, but one opinion of why these changes were implemented was to ensure that TPVs could not refuse to adopt Linden Lab’s new “Received Items”. No…that would be paranoid…wouldn’t it?

Addendum 2: Having read around a lot, I see the usual selfish comments, but one thing does keep coming back, and that is the business of RLV/RLVa and its @version command. There seems to be opinion that the changes in this week’s upcoming code change will break the interaction between a lot of scripted hardware and the RLV/RLVa. That being so, a good deal of the utility of RLV/RLVa will be lost until redesigned viewers that simply return an RLV/RLVa version with no other viewer details. Then there is the matter of whether such a data string would be accepted by scripted hardware as a valid RLV/RLVa viewer. This is a real can of worms and I see no evidence that it has benn given more than cursory consideration by Linden Lab. The reason for the introduction of this change was also given as being the prevention of new users being hassled about the viewer they are using; that really stretches my credulity, but, as I have so often seen, LL give not one jot about existing users, since they are only too aware of the high turnover in the userbase, which is largely as a result of their cakk-handed policy in the past.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 25, 2012.

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