Sheer, arrant, total idiocy

I refer to the plan by Linden Lab to break llRequestAgentData(uuid, DATA_ONLINE). This is possibly the most idiotic thing they they have done to date. The intentional breakage of a script that is used by thousands of SL group moderators, store and club owners, and small-scale creators in perfectly legitimate and logical ways simply shows up Linden Lab’s policy makers as being utterly incapable of understanding how their own product (Secondlife) works. The professed intent of protecting the privacy of SL residents does not require this draconian and clumsy response.

That Oz Linden has had to post in the JIRA (SVC-4823) effectively saying “Oops, we didn’t think about that, maybe we need to reconsider” speaks volumes about the significant disconnect between those who would govern SL and the virtual world itself.

While at first consideration it seems unlikely, it appears to me that there is a growing rift between those Linden Lab staff who have contact with Secondlife and those that do not. I have gone on at considerable length about this issue, and how it might harm SL; well here is a classic demonstration of it.

For Goodness’ sake Rosedale and Linden Lab, get a grip and come to terms with this virtual world. If you are going to govern it, then first you must understand it! Philip, it is now time to admit that you do not understand what Secondlife has become: let those who DO understand it run it (wisely).

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 26, 2012.

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