If you don’t play by my rules…I’ll take my ball back

Never in my memory has one issue brought about so much misplaced invective. Well, OK, not since the last time LL changed its ToS. Having listened appalled to Oz Linden’s pathetic presentation, I am left astonished by the trenchant attitude expressed in the fora by some folk. It was clear from comments made by others at the meeting with Oz, that some have never forgotten or forgiven some of the Phoenix/Firestorm team’s associations with Fractured Crystal and his alts in the Emerald debacle.

I’ve seen open hostility to TPVs in general in the Viewer Blog tonight from folk whose grasp of logic I used to admire. That these people fail to grasp the importance of Open Source and TPVs to a healthy Secondlife is to me quite shocking.

But all of this fails to deal with the grist of this issue, and that is the scarcely credible lack of understanding shown by Linden Lab’s policy makers of the nature of Secondlife.

I was worried personally about the possible banning of RLV and RLVa, due to its abilty to alter the experience of its user. To say that this doesn’t affect the “shared experience” of Secondlife is to overlook the interactions between one SL resident and another running RLV. However it is clear both from the text of the new ToS and from Oz’s comments that RLV is (for now) not under threat.

What I do NOT comprehend is how TPV developers will manage to continue to innovate in SL while throttled by Linden Lab’s utterly incompetent development team. That Jessica and others remained sanguine in the face of obfuscation that bordered on the insulting from Oz I do not know.

Oz Linden posted on the Jira SVC-4832 today asking folk to refrain from posting “me too” comments, since it made his reading of the comments more difficult..aww diddums have to read things you didn’t want to see, Oz? Now I have to remind myself that Oz is a fairly senior member of Linden Lab’s Resident-facing team, because if I don’t I am left wondering which idiot hired him.

That Linden Lab will have to think (note think, not think again) before they actually introduce the script breakage is a foregone conclusion. They WILL break it for the politically correct reasons I mentioned in my last post, and how they will surmount the resulting disruption to SL commerce and communication I simply don’t know, but they had better find a workaround, or SL will die (at least commercially).

If I thought that the move would actually assist online privacy (itself a tautology to my mind), I’d be less angry; that it patently won’t just makes the whole issue look juvenile and pathetic.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 28, 2012.

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