The Great Misunderstood?

I wonder if we all (those that care at all about our Secondlives, that is) misunderstand Linden Lab? Perhaps, as I read in the debate that is raging in the fora, Linden Lab is simply trying to regain control of its own creation.
Secondlife never belonged to us anyway, it has always been a clever creation to which we hitched our dreamboats. So we should not be surprised if they take it back so that they can play with it the way THEY want.
If we want to live enriched and more colourful Virtual lives there are many other worlds out there now and some are poised to take over the mantle of Secondlife and become “Our World” using “Our Imagination”. We shoud let the revised and refreshed management of Linden Lab get on with the job of providing its users with a place to play their games the way Linden Lab wants them to, with a stable, predictable shared experince.

Back in 2008 Mark Kingdon suggested that it was time for us oldies and pioneers to move over and let SL move on, it seems to me that it may now happen, just 4 years late. By Linden Labs standards that’s not too bad, really.

I’ll go to bed now…I’ll feel better in the morning!

Edit: It is now Wednesday lunchtime and…nope I don’t feel any different about SL. The stupidity of the current management appears to be unabated, and with typical candour the changes to the RC channels of SL, due to begin in less that 2 hours are not posted anywhere: this REALLY is getting to be irritating. Rod, what the **** are you playing at?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 29, 2012.

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