Has Anyone seen McCarthy?

The fallout from Linden Lab’s additions and revisions to its Terms of Service continues. The ending of coloured tags with Viewer ID on them has proven to be no Big Deal, although its implementation seems a little wayward, since for me at least I still see the Viewer type of my friends (perhaps that is intentional, I don’t know).

What is worrying me is the corner that Linden Lab have painted themselves into with the proposed breakage of llGet Agent Data, which is used to determine True Online Status. A tidal wave of opposition has greeted Oz Linden’s words and the proposed changes in SL. Reasoned arguments have been advanced and some folk have made their views known on JIRA SVC-4823. So many that Oz Linden requested that “me too” posts stop. They didn’t and what has followed worries more more than any single development in SL in the past 4 years. To those of us “watching” this JIRA it looks as if Oz Linden has been deleting some posts. Now if Oz cannot see how dangerous a precedent that sets, he is a much greater fool than I take him to be. That sort of behaviour smacks of censorship of the most odious kind and whatever its justification, MUST be resisted at all costs. If that is truly a sign of the future of SL I want NO part of it.

Edit 1/3/2012 Thursday: Seems the tag effect I saw last night was just a sort of “midway point” in the change; all is removed today. As to the temper tantrum thrown by Oz last night, it seems that LL have been forced to think again. It really does show that the planners of SL have no idea how scripts in particular and Secondlife in general works. It is simply not possible to run a system like that.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 1, 2012.

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