Shattered Dreams?

Following on from the change in TPV terms, comes Rodvik’s announcement that, despite all our hopes, Second names will now not be returning to Secondlife. Rodvik’s assertion that Second names are a distinct disincentive to new account creators stretched my belief in his intentions beyond breaking point.

There are apparently statistics to back up this assertion. Well someone once said “There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics” and if one uses data creatively one can “prove” just about any assertion.

When Rodvik (Rod Humble) joined SL several folk declared a “second coming” and that Secondlife was saved. It might well be, but some other folk were less enraptured and urged caution, warning that Rodvik had a very clear goal in mind for Secondlife and it might not be the one us “oldtimers” wanted. I think we are now seeing that policy in action. Rodvik does not favour OpenSource; Rodvik does not favour us “Second lifestylers”. Rodvik thinks, as do many others, that Secondlife should be a game.

It is becoming clear that Rod feels that in order to succeed Secondlife (former motto “Your World, Your Imagination”) needed to be more under Linden Lab’s direct control, and content creators and other third parties were messing up their plans. So now we see “Their World, Their Imagination” being put into place.

Those that helped make SL what is is today must stand aside and let The Lab put its plan into operation. That sounds familiar…didn’t one M Linden (Mark Kingdon) once say something very like that before, and wasn’t that fun?

Edit 6th March 2012:

Having slept on this I get the distinct impression that Rod is indeed operating a policy here. His background and experience are in gaming online, so it seems reasonable to assume that he wants SL to become a premier on-line game. That would tally with the proposed introduction of Non Playing Characters (vis Norman Wisdom as shown on Inara Pey’s Blog). Now in order to make SL more suitable for on-line gaming obviously the “shared experince” must be just that, shared identically. Also there must not be awkward, difficult to rez scenes and items. So, why not simply end the ability of users to build their own, nasty resource sapping items? Surely they would detract from the “shared experience”? We cannot currently edit mesh…and uploading created items is problematic…so just do away with the upload option!
Then Linden Lab could ensure the quality and design of inworld scenes, thus enhancing the “shared experience”. Finally why not call it something like “World of Battles” or similar?

What? It’s already been done? Oh…wait…damn…OK just switch it off, it isn’t going to work, is it? Oh and those pestilential Third Party teams? “Well we get to steal their development and it costs us nothing”. Win-win?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 6, 2012.

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