Testing, testing…oops

/me sighs
I had hoped not to be posting another of these so soon.
Seems like LL’s QA process has fallen over again. Changes in the code around llgiveinventory, introduced on LeTigre and Bluesteel on Thursday have foobarred quite a few inventory functions for everyone. That the changes were delayed by a day (for further testing??) simply makes this oversight more galling and unforgiveable.

Two JIRAs are already up: SVC-7740 and SVC-7745, and there will be more I am sure. Sassy Romano has posted on the Server Release Forum (Secondlife Server) that RLV-enabled toys do not give to #RLV correctly, and I have no doubt that there will be further examples to be posted.
Now this level of failure is really unforgiveable, and it shows up some serious flaws in LL’s process of getting code ready for release. It makes it really hard to refute those who accuse LL of trying to break RLV, or of simply not following appropriate due-diligence processes.
On the one hand Linden Lab insist that they are a commercial company and must be considered as such, and on the other hand they do this sort of thing, which is poor even by amateur standards. If Linden Lab wish us to take them seriously, and perhaps more importantly, if they wish the commercial world to take them seriously, this nonsense must be stopped RIGHT NOW.

Edit 1: Yes I was right: SVC-7748 for the RLV related issue.
Edit 2: It seems I was wrong. It was not incompetent QA but incompetent coding. It would seem that the #RLV destination was broken as a direct result of this “tidied” inventory API. Once again we come to the conclusion that in the first place Linden Lab developers DO NOT properly comprehend Secondlife, largely because they never use it and secondly they pay no attention to adverse comments when their new code is tested on Aditi. In such a situation it is only a matter of time before the developers break something really big, and SL just stops. I have read with dismay the post made by Henri Beauchamp that developers clearly ignored. This really is utterly incompetent.
Edit 3: JIRA SVC-7748 will hit 250 watchers in 24 hours, I suspect. Inworld someone told me, having read about LL’s new plans to introduce new code aimed at improving gaming in SL, “Ah, at last LL are going to do RLV properly”…yes it has only taken them 5 years.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 11, 2012.

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