I hesitate to title a post with an LL JIRA, but in this instance I feel it fully justified.

The effective deprecation of the #RLV directed “give and wear” call is a serious change and a Game-breaker for thousands of Secondlife users, and enough has by now been said that I cannot add further to the debate.

However there is more to this than meets the eye. #RLV is not the only folder affected. #Phoenix and #Firestorm folders also use this directed “give and attach” in the creation of active “bridges” which do a good many things beside the now disabled Viewer tag system. Improved radar and double-click teleports are also enabled via the bridge I believe.

On the one hand we have Oz Linden telling us via Jessica Lyon’s interview that RLV and other TPVs are safe, and simultaneously on the other, some of his Linden Lab colleagues are quietly ignoring residents’ comments and planning to break these viewers. Now I don’t accuse Oz of flat out lying, but the fact that he could be ignorant of these moves is yet another indication of the dysfunctional nature of internal communication at Linden Lab.

Mark Kingdon threatened existing SL users with oblivion if they didn’t “get out of the way”; it rather looks as though Rod Humble is actually doing it.

While I was offline having dinner UK time, the staff at Linden Lab came to work, California time, took one look at SVC-7748 (over 340 votes, nearly 300 watchers) and did the decent thing. Oz posted a quick “We hear you, we’re checking”, and then Brooke announced that the code would be rolled back on the two affected RC channels, Bluesteel and LeTigre on Wednesday. Job done, and thanks to Linden Lab for stepping up to the plate on this occasion. Sometimes you have just got to shout.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 12, 2012.

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