Another Fine Mess…..(updated still further)

I had hoped not to be posting about another Linden Lab-created mess in SL but they just insisted!

It can hardly have escaped the notice of anyone who browses the Forums that the SL Marketplace has been hamstrung once again, this time by the implementation of Direct Delivery.
For those still unaware of the issue, go to and view it. Since the instigation of Direct Delivery there has been a massive corruption of data on the SL Marketplace site, with incorrect classification of items, incorrect descriptions and even items marked as listed and available that are not actually listed by their creators (and may result in IP theft).

In typical LL style this has blown up over the weekend with no input from the Lab, since they are all at home. After the recent debacle with SVC-4823 and SVC-7748, I had hoped that Linden Lab would have realised that it had to provide 7 day coverage of its sites, even if it involved increased working from home of its employees. It seems not.

Apart from some ineffectual remarks by someone in “Commerce Team Linden” last week, there has been utter silence from The Lab, though I very much doubt that Brooke Linden is unaware of the situation. The “workaround” suggested by CTL simply does NOT work…indeed it makes matters worse! I think it would be wise of Commerce Team operatives to engage their brains before making such stupidly crass and unworkable suggestions in future.

What is undeniable is that the credibility of Marketplace as a “safe” place to buy or browse items has been dealt a severe blow by Linden Lab’s refusal to acknowledge the severity of the issue and post a warning on the site. The Lab is now breaking its own ToS by having “Adult” listings on “General” pages, this is the extent of the stupidity of this issue.

What is also now happening is that a real “head of steam” is building in the SL commerce community and Linden Lab staff are going to have another nasty surprise when they log into work on Monday morning. I wonder who will be assigned to put out the fire this time?

Sure there has been immoderate comment on the JIRA, but in the circumstances and given the vacuum that LL create at weekends, that is hardly surprising. Linden Lab need to address both this specific issue and the issue of weekend working if Secondlife is not to become an even greater laughing stock than it already is.

P.S. If you remove all independent content creators from SL, that would give more control back to The Lab, wouldn’t it? And if only Linden Lab could create the Role Play as well (due to restrictions on script function)…then that would mean that the game environment would be LL-derived and so fully under LL’s control. Add to that control of viewers and you have Rod’s ideal world, right? Hmmm!

Edit: By 5pm PDT (SLT) Monday 2nd April no comment had been made by a member of Linden Lab’s staff on the JIRA WEB-4587, and nothing had appeared in The Blog or forums. This, to my mind is attrocious and I fear that LL may be actively seeking to hamper the SL Marketplace. Why? There are valid commercial reasons, from Linden Lab’s point of view, in hampering out-of-world commerce. Simply put, they make more profit on land tier than they can from a properly functioning Marketplace. Of course that does assume that a high proportion of merchants will establish in-world stores if they currently do not have them. Once again I have to question the sanity of Linden Lab’s Commerce Team if they actually believe that that will occur.

Edit 2: By 4pm SLT Tuesday 3rd April this JIRA had amassed over 100 watchers and 150 votes and yet no comment was forthcoming from Linden Lab. The last report I read was from an av who had had his ticket closed as “Resolved”!
This matter is not resolved at any level and it is a measure of the seriousness of this issue that several clues as to the origins of the corruption have been cited by correspondents. That this serious issue is uncommented upon by Linden Lab staff is now becoming shameful, and is convincing me that they are actively seeking the end of Marketplace and SL commerce. I simply fail to understand this company’s business model.

Edit 3: By 4pm SLT on Wednesday April 4th this main JIRA was still growing and still devoid of any Linden comment. One of the minor related JIRAs has a post on April 3rd from CTL asking for “further information”…How much more do they need? And so this drags on – the deadline for migration was delayed until June 2012 -it is beginning to look as though since is the deadline LL have set themselves to “fix” this issue, we will probably not hear from them until then. *sigh*.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 1, 2012.

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