And on and on…..(and on…and on)

Today saw some comments from Linden employees who, I assume, are connected with SL commerce, namely Alexa and Dakota Linden. Mostly the comments were castigating merchants for wrongly classifying their transaction failure types.
So now we have the Lindens biting both the hands that feed them and those trying to help them. If I were one of the merchants affected by this Linden originated debacle I’d be mighty annoyed.

The comments were not “OK you are trying to assist us and we thank you, but these reports are in the wrong place” they were “These are wrong, correct them”. Communication skills are not high up on the list of priorities at Linden Lab, and the Commerce Team seem to be worse than most, being as subtle as Flying Mallets.

It is just as well that these Merchants are not Linden Lab shareholders. If they were two or three positions at Linden Lab would be vacant later this week.

This is a poor situation turned farcical by inept handling by Linden Lab. I’d be curious to know how much revenue had been lost by LL over the period of this situation and what the average loss in income is to a typical merchant. I wonder if any class actions in US courts will result?

Edit Tuesday 10th April 7pm BST
Dakota Linden’s comments on WEB-4592 do not seem to me to be oil on troubled water…more like kerosene and a burning rag…Oh dear.

Edit Wednesday April 11th midnight BST (Thursday really)
Commerce Team Linden’s comment on WEB-4587 is a classic example of “too little, too late”. They really are inept. I still find it hard to believe that they can be this stupid and yet be able to feed themselves.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 10, 2012.

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