Trials and Tribulations…Edited 2

For the first time in probably four years SL wobbled badly on Thursday. The reason for the wobble has only today (Saturday) been revealed in a post on the Grid Status Page. There have been numerous rumours circulating in Secondlife itself and in SLU as to what the cause was, from out-and-out conspiracy theory to the humourous. No one outside of Linden Lab really knew, and they weren’t telling – or at least not until today.

According to the post today, engineers were working on some arcane parts of the Secondlife architecture fettling or renewing some of the fundamental operations that those of us that still spend significant time in SL knew very well needed work, when something broke and a bug was triggered. Oops. Now, it may well be that Linden Lab’s engineers should have known better than to fiddle in SL’s belly, but it had to be done sometime – too many fundamental parts of SL are simply not working as they should; we all know that.

The fact that they have now admitted what the problem was that took most of SL down for over 3 hours is at least refreshing. It is a pity that it took them two days to get round to it and that is maybe less refreshing, but we must be thankful for small mercies.

Whether Rodvik tweeted about this or not is unknown to me, since I cannot be bothered with Twiddle or Faceplace or whatever it’s called, but a post on the GSP is most welcome, as is the note that more work needs to be done on Monday, and that it might also cause SL to fall over again.
I for one do not expect Linden Lab to walk on water, I just expect them to communicate with us. It really is not a lot to ask and I hope this is a template for more open and timely communication between Linden Lab and its userbase.

Edit Monday 3:35pm BST: Yes, as rather expected SL is down again, but it went down to Logins well before 2pm our I just hope it comes back early also.
Edit 2 Tuesday 6:25pm BST: Well, it took as long as Linden Lab stated and came back about 30mins early…but it still isn’t right! Some folk are still unable to TP, some sims are STILL offline and I’ve noticed some aberrant script behaviour, especially “sit” and “touch” response scripts where menus are supposed to be given. Quite what this means I have no idea, but I also notice that there is no code promotion to Main Server today, nor any rolling restarts. Call me paranoid if you must, but I suspect some Linden Lab jiggery pokery.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 28, 2012.

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