Wobbles, mistakes and Plain Bad Management (Edited)

I’m trying to be reasonable in this post, mainly because only one or two of this last week’s issues have impacted on me. What it boils down to is this: just over a week ago, while doing some work on the underbelly of Secondlife’s OS, technicians “triggered” a bug. This bug had the potential to badly damage assets in SL, so as a defence strategy Linden Lab chose to disable logins for several hours.
As it happens I was online when this occurred. I lost IM and though I couldn’t at the time anyway, TP between servers was disabled.

Now several hours’ loss of access to SL is something that has not occurred for a good while…years in fact. That is how it should be; SL while it is still a “niche” product is no longer a start-up. What is poor is that it took so long for SL to announce its outage on the Grid Status Page, and even longer before a rationale for recovery was posted. Much later, after a second round of outage to patch up the patch that had been applied on the Thursday, things in SL began to return to something like normal, though there are persistent issues with some server-groups, whose sims are nigh-on unreachable still. Rod Humble’s reasoning was that they “wanted to be sure of their facts before posting”; at best a feeble defence of poor communication.

Secondlife is still suffering from some issues: inventory management problems that were introduced in a software upgrade some time back and then were eradicated have returned, as have some region-crossing matters involving derendering of attachments. Linden Dollar purchases and search failed on Friday, and while these failures were speedily corrected, they should and would not have occurred if more care had been taken with the original maintenance work.

Secondlife is beginning to feel like a service (sic) run by a failing company employing people who do not think ahead properly, or perhaps simply cannot be bothered to do so. To conclude that this is yet another sign of decline does not seem unreasonable to me.

Edit Monday 7th May 7pm BST: Add to the above woes an increasing number of people that say they can no longer see Mesh, no matter what viewer and what settings they use, and an increasing number of people who say that for them “voice chat” no longer works…this is getting to be worryingly like a melt-down of SL services.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 6, 2012.

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