Need to Know…or not?

One thing that seems to be surfacing from this latest round of “maintenance” by Linden Lab is that information about what precisely was “being banged on” will only be given to anyone who “needs to know” and the vast majority of SL users (in Linden Lab’s opinion) do not need to know.

I have been told in the forums that if I really want to know what is going on I must attend a plethora of user groups within SL. Now these well-connected individuals may have the time and freedom to attend several meetings a week in SL…I don’t and neither do most SL residents. So I must rely on these third parties to disseminate information as they see fit, via their blogs.

The bottom line is that individual Lindens are not “hiding” information from us, it is simply that Linden Lab has a corporate policy of not divulging information via the main channels (ie Grid Status Page) unless it really has to. The argument that such information is “commercially sensitive” is pure crap, and those that promulgate such a view know that perfectly well.

There is a corporate attitude in Linden Lab that is redolent of all that is bad in modern commerce, “never admit anything unless you cannot avoid doing so” and “lie through your teeth if you believe you can get away with it”. It is sad, really.

Edit: I am told that the “Grid Status Page” is no longer the favoured place for information dissemination about the Grid and Secondlife. Apparently Rod Humble prefers to tweet about SL and most tidbits of information as he sees fit to release to us, the great unwashed, are issued thus. I say this to Rod: We don’t all use Twiddle or Faceplace, there is something called the “Grid Status Page”, it is owned and run by Linden Lab, THAT is where Secondlife Grid news should be published, end of story. If you must tweet then do so but firstly put it on the place that was designed for such information release.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 13, 2012.

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