Latest Server-side changes….

The latest changes to Server code are not as benign as was first thought by me and a good few others. A couple of weeks ago the RC LeTigre had the “sim-idling” code released and it was activated the following week. Following that release, I had not noticed any significant changes.

Last week, following the previous day’s debacle (never explained on the Release Blog) LeTigre also got some unspecified “infrastructure changes”. Again these were considered too arcane or commercially sensitive for LL to entrust their users with any detail, I assume.

I have subsequently noticed slower rezzing of surroundings and some oddities in the presentation to my viewer of certain sculpted prims…not textures, but the (I assume) sculpt maps of these objects. Particularly, I am now seeing significantly slower loading of my surroundings if logging on to an empty sim, or TPing to an empty one, and this I have confirmed when logging onto my home sim and TPing to other places with avatars already there (ie the sim is “up”). Quite what the significance of this is I do not know, but it IS irritating, and frankly it suggests to me that the simulator-servers are not very happy with the current set-up.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 3, 2012.

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