Not thought through….again!

I am getting sick of seeing instances where Linden Lab programmers introduce new code without checking to see if it works or not. Now it appears that thanks to more sloppy programming, a new form of griefing is hitting Secondlife.

One of the new introductions to Secondlife and I assume, something dear to our new(ish) CEO’s heart, forced TP by way of permissions only needing to be granted once in a gaming setting, appears to be sufficiently full of holes that it can be used to teleport avatars without them having ever given permission, and subsequently those avatars need to relog in order to return to their original location.

What this means in simple terms is quite stark: Linden Lab are breaking their own Terms of Service. “…”
details instances where this “unintended” use of one of the new scripts is being operated as a griefing tool.

That such an error should have been made yet again demonstrates that the people that are writing the current new code for Linden Lab are either stupid, incompetent or both. It is disgraceful.

There will no doubt be comments about how things like RLV permissions are “just the same” and therefore “against ToS”. Anyone thinking that is making a very fundamental error. Way back some 5 years ago, as Marine Kelley was compiling her “Restrained Life Viewer” add on to the oficial Linden Lab Secondlife Viewer, she incorporated caveats and controls from RL BDSM. The term SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) was applied and subsequently Oz Linden pointed out that use of RLV and RLVa did not compromise the new Third Party Viewer rules, since the use of RLV(a) was a choice made by the user. Now we have forced TP being operated upon non-RLV(a) users in a way that is in no sense SSC. This IS a gross infringement of personal privacy, and it is being perpetrated by (granted unscrupulous) individuals using a yawning chasm of a loophole in Linden Lab’s own programming. Someone at Linden Lab need to get a grip on this, and very quickly.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 4, 2012.

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