Ohhh No…it’s my XXXXing Cookie

There is a debate in the fora about Secondlife’s use of cookies across its range of websites. A lot of comments surround the issue of SL’s use of browser-generated cookies to allow quicker log-in to various parts of the network of sites.
What is disturbing to me is that these cookies (which are a normal part of Internet browsing) can compromise security and privacy. It is the individual’s own resposibility to ensure, if they so wish, that cookies are cleared from their browser at the end of every session. The option that some sites (Google for one) offer, is to “remain logged in”. Now that is fairly obviously insecure. However some sites do not state this option as available, but use it, and it would seem that Secondlife is one. Now so far as I know this is common practice within the internet and Linden Lab is in no way operating some illegal or immoral system by doing this.
However…I have recently noticed, as have several others, that if you have your log-in details “remembered” on your viewer, it appears to occasionally (not every time by any means, which I find more worrying) allow you to post on the SL forum without first logging on. This does not happen with the Atlassian powered JIRA, and I have never had it occur on other fora connected to Secondlife. Therfore I suspect there is a flaw in the Lithium software that powers SL’s “official Blog and Forum”. As such this amounts to a significant security and privacy issue within Secondlife and it needs prompt attention by Linden Lab’s forum operators. It may be something that can be cleared up rapidly and if so, no great harm will be done. If it is allowed to fester on, as is characteristic of Linden Lab, it may grow into yet another wound in the side of the already ailing Linden Lab. Sort it out, chaps!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 9, 2012.

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