Losing it….

Losing it? Yes. Linden Lab is “losing it”. The recent spate of rubbish foisted upon the residents of Secondlife in the form of software updates beggars belief. Some while ago after one of the debacles (I forget which, there have been so many), we were told that Linden Lab were revising and improving their QA procedures.

Indeed they have been altered and improved in the same way as giving a blind man a pair of sunglasses on the beach improves his view of the waves.

I don’t actually like having to criticize Linden Lab, since the running of SL is a difficult and largely thankless task. Lately though their performance has ceased even to be woeful. In my opinion some of the recent issues have shown their programming and QA team to be utterly incompetent. What is more, urgently needed fixes, such as that giving rise to SVC-7902, have not been promoted to Main server, due, I am told, to directives from on high to get “infrastructure changes” onto the grid to facilitate the “SL Experience”; changes that a certain executive with a Gaming background thinks are so vital.
That disgraceful manipulation of Secondlife, together with a series of shambolic Restarts (especially on LeTigre RC), is bound to reduce Linden Lab’s standing in the general virtual-world community yet futher. I am utterly baffled by Linden Lab’s recent behaviour, and the embattled attitude displayed by some of their loyal and hard-working staff, is painful to observe.
We are without doubt entering the end-game, in all sorts of ways.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 15, 2012.

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