Seeing things….

With apologies to the estate of Oliver Postgate.

Recently I have begum to wonder about the functionality of either my viewer or my graphics card. Now as releases go my viewer, Firestorm 3.2.2, is a bit long in the tooth, but my GPU, an nVidia GTX580, is a little over a year old and as good as could be got when I bought it. Recently some sculpted prims began to be poorly presented in my view, and while a cache clearance partially resolved the issue all it really did was allow some sculpts to rez properly, while others that had previously looked fine were corrupted! It seemed as though the sculpt map was not being fully read.

Today I happened upon the probable cause. It seems that some aspect of the render pathway from server to viewer has been degraded during one or other of the server-software updates. There IS a JIRA concerning it (MAINT-771), LL ARE aware of it and are said to be working on a beta-release in the viewer soon. However I note that the JIRA is now on the restricted list and not viewable by the ordinary resident. This raises my hackles since the last time this happened was for another viewer-server booboo on Linden Lab’s part (SVC-7748) pertaining to inventory destination error for received objects, another aspect of sim-to-viewer communication. This smacks of Linden Lab trying to hide an issue while they fiddle with the fix, not unlike the current foot-dragging over the fix for SVC-7902, which has now spent over a week on Magnum RC without promotion to Main Server.

All these issues can be linked if you look at the future of SL as Rodvik wants us to, ie as a gaming environment with minimal user-adaptability. If we cannot rez objects there is little point in creation of non-wearables, if we cannot see them why create complex sculpts? I know that smacks of conspiracy theory, but I have yet to see any convincing argument to the contrary, other than to assume that Linden Lab are becoming incompetent and are trying to hide issues under the carpet.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 16, 2012.

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