Remove foot before opening mouth…..

OK MAINT-771 is a serious issue for some, but most of my problem was indeed the version of Firestorm I was using. I upgraded to and all my sculpty issues went away. I should’ve checked, the others seeing this issue were also using this version. Mind you, there was definitely a channel issue as well, but the new viewer clearly handles the change better.

The other issues, by and large remain, though the SVC-7902 fix has at last been rolled to Main Server, and many Linden-home owners and skybox owners will breathe a sigh of relief.

I maintain my view that the direction that Linden Lab is heading will by stages reduce our ability to create an environment of our choosing, but that clearly puts me at odds with some other significant residents. Well, we are all entitiled to our views.
It reminds me of the Catholic and Anglican priests talking. The Catholic priest said to the Anglican: “Yes my son, we must all practice tolerance of others, after all we all worship and do the will of God, you in your way and I in His”.

Edit 20th June 4pm SLT:
As I write this I am seeing several postings from Premium members on Main-Server Linden homes for whom SVC-7902 is still very much an issue. Since the SVC-7598 fix on LeTigre is also not working I have to wonder what is going on.

Edit 21st June 4pm SLT:
Still no comment about either SVC-7598 or SVC-7902…this is discouraging.

Edit again, Saturday June 23rd 11am SLT:
Despite many comments, until earlier today the “fix” for SVC-7902 was still being touted as a resolution to the issue. It seems that at very long last Linden Lab have admitted that the fix is by no means comprehensive and the issue is more complex than they thought. Well well, how very surprising! Nothing at all has been said re SVC-7598, and the silence on the forums is deafening. We won’t hear anything more from the Lindens until Monday 8am SLT now I suppose.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 20, 2012.

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