When is a fix not a fix?

Answer: When it doesn’t work. The much vaunted fix for SVC-7902 is due to roll to Main Server today, and some of the Premium Accounts with Linden Homes may well be left feeling a little confused, because nothing will have changed.

The rezzing issue most obvious in Linden Homes and skyboxes is, according to Kelly linden, fixed. So if you are still suffering rezzing issues it must be something else! To that end SVC-7902 is closed and marked as resolved. Also in another slick move the JIRA has been archived, I assume to prevent anyone posting an “Oi, it doesn’t work”.

So some Lindens get to tick off another JIRA as resolved and anyone still having rezzing problems must create a new JIRA, which, of course, will need to be “watched”.

This whole issue has a sttrong smell of Rat about it.

Another “fix” being rolled to Main Server today is the fix for the Error fetching Server Release Notes seen in most if not all viewers lately following a coding whoopsie a few weeks ago. Now it may just be me, but when that “fix” was rolled to LeTigre last week it made absolutely no difference. The error persists in Firestorm, and my efforts to get comment from the lab as to why this should be have been completely unsuccessful. It’s not a major thing really, but it is just another example of “fixes” that are simply not working and reflects badly on the programmers of Linden Lab.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 26, 2012.

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