Bake Fail hits us

This post is primarily to do with a plague of Red Clouds that are blighting our sim of late. I have a fast computer, a good graphics card and a fast (tested to Dallas TX USA) internet connection but yet I have been clouded twice recently. My partner, who has an identical broadband set up and equally good PC, is clouded as often as not.

Now neither of us have silly settings, and we are careful about tattoo and alpha layer use. Nevertheless, and despite our reduced use of gestures (known to cause baking issues), we are seeing far too many bake-fail instances, and I have also noticed that it seems to be a general SL thing lately. One thing I did notice was that despite my inventory apparently fully loading, nothing that requires textures…ie skin, shape or clothing was shown as “worn”. Maybe the “http Get Textures” is at fault….but why?

Currently we are reducing the number of outfits in our inventories, but I cannot help but think that something, somewhere is borked in the server-viewer communication pathway – and that something was created by a change in SL.

Something that has changed as a result of recent software updates is causing this effect. It is not our connections, despite the parroting of the “solution” by SL support and many inworld who really ought to know better.
I would like to know what it is and moreover, what is being done about it. This issue causes me personal angst (“I am therefore I worry” is my mantra) but far more importantly it is a serious inhibitor of User-retention in SL and that really ought to worry Linden Lab.

Edit July 3rd 5am SLT:
I am given to understand that Linden Lab are working specifically to sort this problem out, Project Shining will change the way the client(viewer) and sim server talk during login, which should reduce the very heavy pulse of information exchange needed at that moment. At least I think that is what was said…but “when” this will take effect doesn’t seem so clear.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 2, 2012.

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