More Havok?

Over the weekend we (my partner and I) heard that Linden Lab is to re-introduce the Pathfinding code to RC sims this coming Wednesday. They also know that once a Mesh vehicle is on an RC sim running the “new” Havok code, it will NOT be able to cross sim boundaries. This seems to imply that not only would it not be able to cross back into a non-RC sim running the “old” Havok code, it would not be able to cross ANY sim boundary.

That this state of affairs is presented with a “suck it up” attitude from Linden Lab is bad enough, but that it should be happening with minimal forward warning is ridiculous. The first attempt at rolling Pathfinding was a total shambles, with non-Mesh vehicles also being borked on sim-crossing. We have to hope that at least this bug is fixed, or all vehicle use in SL will effectively be stopped form this week for an unspecified time.

With the current parlous state of Secondlife, this monomaniac action from The Lab smacks of utter desperation on the part of Server Managers to comply with the wish of “the Most High” to get his pet “shiny” operational, or at least on the Grid. The Company seems to have severe learning difficulties.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 9, 2012.

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