Pathfinding…the Road to Hell?

So Pathfinding was re-introduced last Wednesday to Magnum RC. As we feared sim crossings are, if not totally foobarred, then at least badly affected, and quite impossible for Mesh or partly-Mesh objects. But far worse than that is the change to physics in SL, particularly the interraction with the sim surface.

The way SL land is represented is materially altered in Havok7, and a great many devices that interact with it now will simply not function. Some function can be returned to vehicles by changes to their physical nature and scripting, but even the most cooperative creator admits that there will be a huge amount of work needed to return land vehicle function to some semblance of normality.

We have seen unprecedented Linden presence inworld on affected sims and Falcon Linden for one has been at pains to try to mitigate the impact. Frankly it is far too little.

Pathfinding is a neat comcept, but it has been badly implemented, and the assertion that it WILL go ahead despite “some issues”, merely confims my thinking that this project is being pushed, and pushed hard and insensitively, by Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble.

Many had thought that Rod’s accession to the CEO post would be good for SL. I suspect he may actually do more harm than Mark Kingdon – and that is quite a feat!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 14, 2012.

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