So today was supposed to see Pathfinding code rolled to LeTigre…only it wasn’t! To say that the restart schedule for today was a little confused would be a massive understatement. The Server Forum saw a change in what was due to be released to LeTigre (thank Goodness!) over (UK) night and then the GSP announced that the Magnum Roll would not be Wednesday but Thursday..oops no, it was happening on Wednesday after all…!!!
We were told that the changes on LeTigre would not require a restart since in was just “a config change”, but it WAS restarted to a new server version, as described in the release notes.

The hiatus might well have resulted from some Maintenance (someone recently typoed it as “Paintenance”…how appropriate!) that was being done just prior to the restarts, but the recent record of Linden Lab is so chaotic one could believe just about anything! I hesitated to call Linden Lab incompetent recently, it seems I was perfectly correct: this was abject incompetence.

Edit Thursday 6:15pm BST:
Summmer! Surrey is no longer in drought and a hosepipe ban in force for 5 years has been lifted and still it rains! I only found out today of Jon Lord’s passing as a result of panceatic cancer. I am sad, Deep Purple were my favourite band for a good few years, and purple is still my favourite colour. But more on SL….it seems that despite a Server-Version number change it was indeed a quick restart to change configuration. Does that make the hiatus any less confusing? Not really.

2nd Edit Friday 12:15pm BST:
So, OK there was no server version number change…I must have fantasised it! LeTigre just had a configuration change to allow what was rolled last week to be activated. There seems a real debate about what was actually seen on the GSP and Server Forum, but I am not alone…others saw the original post in the Release Thread too.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 19, 2012.

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