And Now for Something Completely Different…

Just as all Hell breaks loose over Pathfinding…I tread a familiar path.

Doll Uniform again

I am Dolled again, so I suppose it isn’t completely different but it’s a break from what Linden Lab are doing. No IM, No touch, No Inventory and usually grounded to my sim. All the other aspects of SL Dolldom are there…depersonalisation via a Doll Hood, a Renamer and restriction to emotes of 14 characters or less. Black all-enveloping latex, bound, partially blind, locked into a fairly secure uniform of ballet boots, SLick Mittens, Doll Boobs and a tight corset.
The corset itself deserves some comment. It is the latest Mesh product from Salid Sewell of KaS, and is quite brilliant, fitting me like a (very tight) glove: very well “tuned” to its accompanying alpha and highly detailed and neatly scripted. OK the wearer has to do the detail colouring via Salid’s versatile HUD, but that is unlikely to cause many problems. There are various “tightness” forms supplied since it cannot be modified to give the “training levels” that the prim corset did via invisiprims and some may not like that but the end result is one of the best looking corsets in SL in my opinion.
Pretty standard stuff you might think. Well, it is, but it is the remoteness of the outside world, even of SL that is most obvious. The experience is made more immersive by enforced mouselook, and it is a challenge that, quite bluntly, I love! Thanks to some sensible scripting, all this still allows me to move around our sim without problems and to TP when called upon to do so without putting the lights out.
There are very few decent SL BDSM sims where a restrained slave such as my dolled self can be left and that is one of my main regrets (also that of my Dominant).

There would not be anything like the satisfaction in doing this if it were not for the considerable attention given to my outfit and my day by Rachael Ezvalt, my partner and Dominant of over 3 and a half years. There is an element of humiliation in the inflatable dildo that I wear, not without some discomfort I might add. There is one worry and that is that this is a selfish and self-centred activity, I admit to finding restraint exciting (I always have done) but I just hope that I give something back for all the attention that my Dominanat necessarily lavishes upon me. This is the submissives dilemma – how to submit without being needy. On that topic there are articles and texts galore by those far more learned and experienced than I, and they are easily found. Suffice it for me to say that I have been extraordinarily lucky to find the person who “fits” with me to an almost frightening degree. That Rachael knows how to “Press my buttons” with uncanny accuracy time and again is a source of wonder and great pleasure to me. I just hope I give her pleasure in return.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 21, 2012.

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