Doll’s dilemma

Being heavily restrained as this Doll is can bring with it some difficult choices. Leaving aside the apalling mess that Linden Lab seem to be making of SL at the moment, I will dwell awhile on Fetish clothing.
Many folk who wish to visit fetish dolldom tend to gravitate either to Hybridz type outfits or Eclectic Randomness gear such as I wear (leaving aside for the moment Virtoys’ Busty the Lovedoll).

I’ve tried both Hybridz and ER and by far the best results (in my very humble opinion) come from the items I wear. The Doll Hood from Winter Ventura has few peers. The Hybridz competition is strong, but the almost Bane-like smooth finish of the ER Hood (which is very nearly 4 years old now) together with updated and useable scripting makes it an obvious choice. It does not have the restraints that some other Hoods posess, but that allows a good deal of choice for the Dominant. Mine favours Kalvin Kurrajong and Mars Tamale equipment, but Real Restraint items are also compatible, at least the ones I have worn were!
I have just tried a new Mesh Hood – the Rubber Medical Hood from ashleeK, which is, on first sight, a very good fetish accessory. However it suffers from one major drawback. That is the rigidness of the neck. In that regard the item is no better than a sculpted prim, and has all the limitations of non-rigged Mesh. It is a well designed item in all other ways, but try as I might I could not avoid a large “hole” showing if my avatar’s head was bent forward in any pose. Coupled with the head alpha that is used, the result is most unsatisfactory to any observer, unless a rigid neck/head pose is used. That is a shame because otherwise I would give this item a high score. It contains Open Collar scripts, which might not suit everyone, but others can be substituted I am told though I have not tried. The appearance is good and scores highly on that front, as it should, being Mesh.

What this tells me is that any item that would fit snugly around a wearer’s head needs flexibility around the neck or an unsightly result will be obtained. Otherwise a clothing layer neckpiece is needed and perhaps more attention to the alpha in that area. Even in the fetish and restraint second world we strive for realism – to that end of course the item is RLV compatible! To my mind, while this item delivers appearance at the outset, it falls down badly on practicality. But that is merely my opinion. Does anyone have workarounds or different experience?

Edit SLunday 29th July 10:30am SLT:
I have been reminded that not all SL residents wish to be restrained. Well! Chacun a son gout, I say, and if you don’t want gout…drink less Port and red wine! Seriously though, of course there are many other choices for the would-be latex Doll in Secondlife, it’s just that it is not in my experience, having been a full-time RLV user for 4 years now. There’s E-corp and several similar outfits for the devotees of overstuffed bras (a nod to Rubbs, Juggernutz and Jules here, who know far more about such things than I). Please bear in mind that if I discuss an item and have worn or am wearing it, it is most likely to be lockable and RLV active.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 29, 2012.

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  1. heya I’m jenny I’m such a air head but I still particularly appreciated your blog

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